Everything You Need to Know about Buying an Adult Family Home in Western Washington

Everything You Need to Know about Buying an Adult Family Home in Western Washington

Adult Family Homes (AFHs) are an emerging field of residential care facilities designed to provide a welcoming, respectful, and intimate level of care to aging seniors and adults with disabilities. For many families, Adult Family Homes represent a far more compassionate and lifestyle-driven alternative to traditional forms of senior care, such as nursing homes or assisted living spaces.

Adult Family Homes are also becoming a viable alternative to traditional property investment—a unique blend of entrepreneurial opportunity and altruistic community service with the potential for rewarding returns, financial or otherwise. Western Washington, in particular, is an area where the services provided by Adult Family Homes are of great importance. It's an opportunity worth exploring if you're in the market to expand or start a portfolio in an emerging field of real estate investment.

Let's take a closer look at the basic aspects of Adult Family Homes, including what they are, how they differ from traditional care facilities and real estate investments, and what you need to know about buying an Adult Family Home in Western Washington.

What is an Adult Family Home?

At its core, an Adult Family Home is a residential care facility that can serve 6-8 non-related residents at a time. Adult Family Homes are smaller than traditional assisted living facilities so that they can provide more personalized assistance to elderly residents or adults with disabilities in a more comfortable, homelike setting.

Between the care, social services and daily activities coordinated within an Adult Family Home, a resident's needs are met consistently with dignity and engagement.

What is the difference between an Adult Family Home and an assisted living facility?

Adult Family Homes are smaller residential properties that provide resident care in a personalized setting. Per Washington state regulations, a single Adult Family Home can serve a maximum of 6-8 residents at any one time.

Assisted living facilities are designed more like apartment communities where the level of resident care varies and can include a clinical-like approach to providing services. They can house upwards of 100 residents or more at any given time.

Why buy an Adult Family Home in Western Washington?

Investing in an Adult Family Home can result in more than just a real estate transaction; it's a commitment to a particular kind of community service and a different form of property investment.

The AFH method of dignified adult care has also proven popular throughout King County, offering another layer of assistance to those in need.

Additional things to consider when deciding if an Adult Family Home investment might be suitable for you include:

Community need

With an aging population and a growing need for personalized care, Adult Family Homes have become an essential part of how Washinton communities care for those in need of specialized care and assistance. Investing in an Adult Family Home means stepping into a role that directly impacts individual lives and families, providing residents care, companionship, and a high quality of life.

Investment opportunity

Apart from the altruistic aspects, Adult Family Homes are a business venture. For those investors wanting to diversify a portfolio or build one in a new yet expanding real estate niche, an Adult Family Home can be a lucrative investment. With the proper planning, location, and management, a single Adult Family Home can yield sustainable returns. Unlike traditional real estate investments, Adult Family Homes present a continuous income stream through resident fees.

Alignment with personal values and goals

For many, the idea of combining business with care and compassion is appealing. Buying an Adult Family Home offers a chance to align investment with personal values. You can utilize your personal or professional resources and contribute to your community in a meaningful way that resonates with many.

How does buying an Adult Family Home differ from a conventional luxury home purchase?

While on the surface, buying an Adult Family Home might seem akin to purchasing a luxury home or making traditional income and ROI-driven property investment, there are several differences between the two transactions. A few of the more significant variances include: 

Purpose and planning

Adult Family Homes: The core purpose of an Adult Family Home is to provide care. As such, the layout, location, features, and improvements made to the property need to align with the needs of potential residents. This influences every aspect of the purchase, from the location to property selection and its features to financing.

Luxury Homes: Luxury homes are often chosen for comfort, aesthetics, and prestige. The focus is on personal preferences and lifestyle enhancement.

Regulatory compliance

Adult Family Homes: Licensing, health, and safety regulations all play a significant role in Adult Family Home purchases, as well as the ongoing oversight of the property. From accessibility requirements to fire safety norms, an AFH must meet strict standards that don't typically apply to conventional homes.

Luxury Homes: While building codes and zoning laws still apply, luxury homes don't typically need to comply with specific care-related regulations.

Financial considerations

Adult Family Homes: The financial structure of an Adult Family Home purchase mixes your real estate investment with business financing. Specialized loans or grants may be available, and ongoing operating costs must be factored into the purchase decision. In addition, committing a property as an AFH can mean specialized modifications and meeting ongoing regulatory requirements that will increase your operating and ownership costs.

Luxury Homes: Luxury home purchases focus on property value, mortgage options, and personal financial planning without the complexity of operating a care facility.

Community integration

Adult Family Homes: Community acceptance and integration are essential for Adult Family Homes. The surrounding community's support can significantly impact the success of the home and improve your standing to add more AFHs to your portfolio should you so choose.

Luxury Homes: While neighborhood—and neighbor—dynamics are always a consideration, luxury homes don't typically require the same level of community engagement or acceptance.

What are the benefits to the buyer?

Unlike traditional property investment, where the purchase and acquisition of a property is largely a self-serving endeavor (and understandably so), buying an Adult Family Home moves beyond the primary motivations for amassing real estate. And more than just providing a community service, fulfilling a need or claiming investment returns, it can offer personal growth and fulfillment.

Continuous learning

Running an Adult Family Home involves constant adaptation and learning. Whether it's healthcare best practices or management skills, owners often find themselves on a rewarding learning curve.

Building relationships

The relationships fostered within an Adult Family Home with residents, their families, and the broader community can be deeply enriching.

Entrepreneurial exploration

For those with entrepreneurial or business aspirations, or those wanting to build a real estate portfolio that fulfills a niche, an Adult Family Home offers a way to develop and run a business that can have a profound impact on people's lives.

Next steps in acquiring an Adult Family Home

If you're ready to explore the feasibility of an Adult Family Home purchase in one of Western Washington's most sought-after communities, contact broker Ken Williams today to begin this unique real estate journey. From homes for sale in Renton to the celebrated Bellevue luxury real estate market, allow Ken and his years of experience and expertise to help you navigate the Western Washington marketplace.


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